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Bread for Sunday breakfast (03.11).


  1. 200 g leaven (50% flour, 50 %water)
  2. 500 g organic whole wheat flour (T150 Markal)
  3. 800 g unbleached bread flour
  4. 15 g salt

1. (Sat 08:00) Prepare first leaven with 300 g flower, 300 g water, 200 g starter from the fridge.

2. (Sat 14:00) Left to rest for 6 hours, add 500 g  “T150”, whole wheat flour (organic this one). and mix with an additional 500 g water.

3. leave to rest for another 4 hours till really well alive.

(Sat 18:00) Add final 500 gr unbleached flour and salt; knead for about 5 minutes.

4. Leave to rise for about 2:30 hours.

(Sat 20:30)

And form the bread as needed.

5. Final rise of about 2 hours. (Sat 22:30) bake in ovan at  220 C, 22 minutes for little and 33 for larger bread.


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