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Rolls with soft wholemeal flour (Sat 19.12)

Rolls and a bread made with a sourdough starter and wholemeal soft (pastry) flour.


  • 200 sourdough starter (100g water and 100g flour based)
  • 700 g bread flour
  • 700 g water
  • 400 g organic wholemeal (soft pastry) flour
  • 2 teaspoons salt

1. Reactivate the sourdough starter by adding 300g water and 300g flour. Mix well. keep 200g of the mixture for future use (store in the fridge). Leave the remaining batter to rise for about 6 hours.

2. Mixture shoud be active with some bubbles on the top.

Add 400 g bread flour and 400 water.

Mix well,

and leave to rise for about 4 hours.

3. Dough will be bubbly again.

Add the wholemeal flour and mix. Some extra water probably needed while mixing;result : a soft and sticky dough.

When all is well mixed turn out on working surface an knead for  3 minutes.

If the dough is to sticky, knead a little (30 sec – 1 minute); form into a ball and  leave for 10 minutes; knead again. Some olive oil on hands and working surface will also help.

After first kneading:

After second one:

Return to bowl and leave to rise until doubled in size (took one and a half hour).

4. Turn out on a floured surface. Make rolls about 50 g each or a loaf.

Leave to rise for on hour. As the dough is very soft,  the rolls will spread out.

5. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 220 C, 22 minutes for rolls, 30 minutes for the loaf.


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