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Apricot and almond plait (09.05).

Apricot and almond plait with a yeasted dough. Recipe from “The baking book”
by Lina Collister. Some small changes.



  • 110 g ready-to-eat apricots
  • 140 ml orange juice
  • 80 g unsalted butter
  • 60 g light muscovado sugar (used cane sugar)
  • 100 g almonds
  • 60 g sultanas
  • 1 tablespoon cognac/brandy (not in the original recipe)


  • 250 g white bread flour
  • 40 g unsalted butter diced
  • 10-15 g fresh yeast
  • 70 g milk at room temp
  • 1 small egg

I left out the rind of one orange for the filling, and the flaked almonds to put on top.

1. Chop the apricots (not too fine, each apricot in about 4 pieces).

Bring the apricots and the orange juice to the boil and leave to soak while preparing the dough.

2. Mix flour and salt in a bowl, rub in the butter. Make a well in the flour, crumble the yeast with some of the flour. Add the milk and the egg.

Mix all together and knead for about 3-4 minutes (10 in the book), result is a soft smooth dough. Return to the bowl and leave to rise for an hour.

Continue immediately with the filling.

3. Drain the soaked apricots, keep the juice.
Grind 30 g of the almonds (I use a tea mug and a blender for this).
Chop the remaining almonds,

put on a baking tin and lightly toast them under a grill. Leave to cool.

Beat the butter with the sugar.

Add the ground almonds, the sultana, the toasted almonds, the apricots and brandy.

Mix all together and put aside.

4. After an hour, turn out the risen dough on a floured surface.

Roll out to a rectangle 25 x 30 (or a little larger).

Spread the filling over the dough.

Roll up the dough from a long side. Flatten the roll somewhat.

Transfer to a greased baking tin.

Cut the roll along the length into 3 strips.

Turn each of the strips, the cuts should face upwards. Plait the tree strips.

Open up the starting point.

Cover the plait and leave to rise for an hour.

5. Bake in a pre heated oven at 190 C for about 25 minutes or until golden brown.
Glaze the hot plait with the orange juice.
Leave to cool on a wire rack.

apricot almond plait


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